Frequently asked questions

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Teamio free trial

How does the 30-day trial work?

You will get the Teamio PRO edition gratis for 30 days. During the free trial period, our assistant will get in touch with you to answer any potential questions. When the trial period has expired, you can decide if you wish to go on with a paid version. Nothing has to be decided in advance.

Is advertisement included in the free trial?

You can easily publish advertisements via Teamio, the prices of the advertisements and other services are, however, payable to the individual service providers. But it is rather straightforward really, these can be easily purchased and paid for using your card directly within Teamio. What is for free is the career section, meaning you have your own positions on your own website.

Am I going to lose my work in progress after the 30 days?

No, you are not. All the applicants and positions will be retained by you. By proceeding with a free edition you will be only deprived of access to the applicant database.